Sentient Volume

A Boutique Consulting Studio by Dana Karwas and Harshita Nedunuri 

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Sentient Volume

A Boutique Consulting Studioby Dana Karwas and Harshita Nedunuri

Strategy: We don’t believe in Design Thinking.

We believe in critical collisions, synthesis, re-orientation, dialogue, critique, feedback, and research to catalyze your work. 

Therapy: Do you need a project critique?

We offer “project therapy”: a test kitchen to evolve your ideas. Are you amidst a pivot? Are you stuck in a complicated workflow? Do you need to re-ground your concept? Set up one-on-one consultations with Sentient Volume.

Research: Things we are working on.


Our research questions alternative reference frames for how bodies make sense of the environment. Visit our ongoing academic research project at Yale: The Yale Ultra Space Lab.

Gallery: Giving a body to discussion.

We have launched contemporary art spaces, dedicated to supporting emerging artists and fostering alternative perspectives on traditional mediums and emerging technologies.  Check out Spill Gallery in Red Hook and ISOVIST gallery at Yale CCAM.

Film: A medium for impossible space. 

We make experimental short films to actively engage with our research. We are currently directing and producing an experimental sci-fi narrative short based on abstractions of entropy and skateboarding. Our previous short film, Ultra Space: Terra Cosma, was awarded “best documentary” in the experimental dance film festival. 

Writing: Giving a context.


We participate in interdiciplinary discourse through writing. Our writing has appeared in recent publications including the Ultra Space Printed Volume, Perspecta 56, and Maquette

Clients: Co-conspirators...

We offer an alternative to Leadership Development for creative people. These are some of the clients and entities we work with. At Sentient Volume we work with a range of individuals from early career creatives all the way to C-Suite executives. 

About: Who and Why? 


Harshita Nedunuri and Dana Karwas have been collaborating on creative projects since 2017. Together they bring a unique lens that blends academic and industry expertise. Let Sentient Volume be a catalyst for your next complex problem.

Dana is an artist and academic and serves as the Director of the Center for Collaborative Arts and Media (CCAM) at Yale, and faculty at the Yale School of Architecture. Karwas was previously at NYU ITP and IDM and served as the Media Director for Maya Lin Studio. 

Harshita is a researcher and strategist and is a Fellow at the Center for Collaborative Arts and Media (CCAM ) at Yale, formerly launched Google Gemini and McKinsey Academy, and currently runs the Spill gallery in Red Hook, Brooklyn.